Upcycled Clothing


Upcycled Clothing

Upcycled Clothing

Now you have a perfectly good reason for not throwing things away!

Upcycled Clothing,can it be true?

It is, and what a pleasure to finally have a craft that does not force us to head to the craft store and pull out the credit card...again.

This is my idea of fun,and from the looks of it,it is a growing craft,and one I believe is here to stay.

Check out the goodies that we have gathered up.


Lengthening That Dress   Pullover to Cardigan
Ruchey Goodness   Sweater with Fabric Inserts
Too Small Tshirt   Dress Into Shirt
Frumpy to Comfy   Into Skinny Jeans
10 Minute Summer Dress   Tshirt Remodel
Refashioned into Maternity   No Sew Bolero
Sweatshirt Liposuction   Thirfted Dress Redo
Cardigan Embellishment   Marvelous Shoe Makeover
Dotti Jeans   Easy Lace Shirt
Elbow Patches   Jeweled Raglan Sweatshirt
Lace Insert Jeans   Patch Tshirt
Pattern Pop Tee   Upcycle That Sweater
Vintage Tanks   10 Minute Skirt
Baby Bib   Baby Romper
Baby Sweater   Braided Tshirt Belt
Braided Fabric Bracelet   Button Down Refashion
Downtown Abbey Tank   Fingerless Mittens
Girls Nightgown   Kids Hats
Kids Lounge Pants   Lace Pencil Skirt
Lace Sleeve Tank   Pencil Skirt
Peplum Tshirt   Prom Dress to Skirt
Recycled Tshirt Necklace   Rocker Tshirt
Shift Dress   Swants
Sweater Boots   Sweater Skirt
Sweater Mittens   Sweater Baby Pants
The Skirt That Was a Shirt   Shirt to Dress
Tie Dye Swimsuit   Toddler Dress
Toddler Ruffle Skirt   Trousers to Skirt
Tshirt Dress for Girls   Tshirt Headband
Scrappy Dress   Memory Scarf
Tshirt Panties   Tshirt Pencil Skirt
Tshirt Yoga Pants   Ruffly Tshirt
Apron   Cardigan
Colorblock Dress   Crop Top
Dolman Tee   Dress Shirt Skirt
Flannel Infinity Scarf   Gathered Waist Top
Long Sleeve Two Tone   Necktie Cuff Bracelet
Necktie Headband   Plaid Top
Polo Refashion   Quilted Jeans Tote
Mad For Plaid   Suited Vest
Sweater Dress   Tie Necklace
Tshirt Leggings   Animal Softie
Jean Table Cloth   Denim Coaster
Denim and Flannel   Felted Dryer Balls
Foot Poof   Tshirt Memory Quilt
Oven Mitt   Rag Rug
Ruffle Bag   Sweater Garland
Sweater Kitty   Toiletry Bag

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